Habitat Catholic United Build

Habitat for Humanity of Kent County is sponsoring the Catholic United Build of a four family condo across the street from St. Adalbert Basilica. The Sacred Heart Knights of Columbus are proud to join with other parishes in the Grand Rapids diocese on this project.

Sacred Heart of Jesus would like to provide a couple of crews to help in this effort. Anyone 16 or over may work on a construction crew. Anyone 16 or over may work on a paint crew. Not every volunteer needs to be able to swing a hammer or paint in a straight line. Lunches and snacks are needed to support volunteers. Volunteers are needed for Saturdays from May 13th through January 20th.

Four of the eight Northwest residences Habitat Kent plans to build in 2017 will be built at 648th 4th Street, directly across the street from the Basilica of St. Adalbert. Formerly, the property was home to six families who lived in a small apartment complex on the site. On July 24, 2014, a fire devastated the structure and the six apartments were destroyed. After area agencies stepped in to place the affected families, the landlord decided not to rebuild and eventually sold the property to Habitat Kent.

Common wall design necessitates that all four units be built at once and consequently, on any given day 30-40 volunteers will be working at the site. It will be quite a deviation from the typical Habitat house that hosts 12 – 15 volunteers per workday. Over the course of the project, Habitat anticipates filling 1,700 volunteer opportunities.

Catholic parishes have been involved in the ministry of Habitat Kent County since the late 1990’s. They’ve sponsored and worked on dozens of Habitat homes. In the past several years, under Habitat’s Catholic United Build banner, area Catholics have filled 2,220 volunteer slots and have donated more than 13,400 hours to Habitat projects.

The size and scope of the project provides the Catholic community with a unique opportunity. Imagine the sense of community that can be achieved when crews from three different parishes arrive to work together on the same day. Volunteers from rural parishes can work side by side with new friends from urban parishes. Sister parishes can work together. Catholics new to this country can work side by side with friends who have been here for generations. Imagine students from Sacred Heart Academy, Catholic Central and West Catholic joining in a day of service. The possibilities for fellowship through service are impressive.

Given the ability of the project to host larger group sizes, Habitat is confident that a record number of local Catholics can participate in this unique project and discover the joy of service and seeing the face of Christ in people in need. To become a Sacred Heart volunteer fill out the form below or contact us at SacredHeartGR@gmail.com with any questions.

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