Sacred Heart Christmas Market

The 5th annual Sacred Heart Christmas Market was a great success. On Saturday, December 9th, Sacred Heart helped make Christmas merrier for over 130 children from across the Grand Rapids area. Families from across Grand Rapids area who are experiencing difficult financial times and were recommended by local support agencies, were invited to attend the Christmas Market.

Sacred Heart parish and academy families donated Christmas presents to be sold at the Christmas Market. Numerous generous local businesses also helped make the Christmas Market possible. The presents are significantly discounted allowing parents to purchase numerous gifts at a token cost. We believe that too many forces in our society already undermine the critical role that parents must play in the support of their children. We seek to reinforce the idea that parents are the first and normal providers for their families. So in asking them to purchase gifts at a token cost, it will be the parents themselves who will give the gifts to their children, rather than an institution outside the family.

Father Sirico helps families by providing Saint Nicholas dollars which can be used to purchase gifts in place of cash. Gift wrapping is also provided to add additional Christmas spirit. While parents shopped, the children were treated to pictures with Saint Nicholas, crafts, treats and free presents for their siblings. Seeing the joy and smiles on the faces of the families who attend the Christmas Market puts volunteers in the Christmas spirit and makes all the work to put on this event worthwhile.

One of the moms fought back tears as she expressed her thanks for the Christmas Market. She explained that the last two years her family could not afford any presents for their eleven year old son. She said that thanks to the Sacred Heart Christmas Market, this Christmas would be one of the best for her family. She said that we had truly done something very special for her family this Christmas season.

Thank you to our 2017 donors.

Pictures from the 2017 Christmas Market.

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