Solidarity Crosses

CrossesForMiddleEastChristiansGraphic_SmlThe Sacred Heart Council has purchased a limited number of 5-inch olive wood crosses crafted by Christians in the Holy Land. We will be making these crosses at upcoming Knight’s events for a donation of $10 each. All proceeds from the sale of these crosses will be donated to the Christian Refugee Relief Fund. The Christian Refugee Relief Fund was recently founded by the Knights of Columbus to aid persecuted Christians from the Middle East.

These crosses are a symbol of our solidarity with these suffering brothers and sisters in faith and should be a daily reminder in our homes to pray for them.

Our council has chosen to participate in this initiative for three reasons; to collect funds to help these refugees, raise consciousness of this tragedy and encourage other groups to become involved, and provide sustainability to our support for persecuted Christians.

If you would like to purchase solidarity crosses, please contact the Knights at Crosses will also be available at Knights events while they last.