Thank You Mom Campaign Sets Record

Thanks to the generosity of the Sacred Heart parish and academy families, the Sacred Heart Knights were able to collect 3,888 diapers in May for HELP Pregnancy Crisis Aid. We exceeded our previous highest collection of 2,600 by almost 50%.

A group of academy students and Knights delivered the diapers to HELP Pregnancy on June 8th and took a tour of the facility. HELP Pregnancy is located at 705 Bridge Street NW and typically helps over 4,000 clients a year. One of the tour highlights was the ultrasound machine which the Knights purchased for HELP in 2013. Based on HELP’s numbers, 98% of women who have had an ultrasound exam at Help have chosen life for their baby. The HELP ultrasound machine was purchased by the Knights using the supreme council matching funds program.

Based on HELP’s May newsletter, the need of their clients have grown. HELP has already given out over 14,500 diapers to moms who need a little assistance making ends meet (through the middle of May). The diapers collected by the Sacred Heart Knights should supply HELP with diapers for more than one month.

The Knights thank everyone who donated diapers, baby supplies or cash, to make this 2016 Thank You Mom for Life program a great success. The Knights appreciate all the collaboration with the academy kids and staff as well. We look forward to setting new records in 2017.

Check out the pictures from last year’s Thank You Mom delivery.


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