We all owe our veterans a debt larger than we will likely be able to pay back in our lifetimes. Enjoying the freedoms and benefits of living in a great country like the United States came at a price which many of our veterans have paid for us. The Sacred Heart Knights of Columbus council frequently recognizes the sacrifices of our veterans.

On Sunday, November 13th our council sponsored coffee, rolls and treats after each Mass to allow our parish members to come together to thank the veterans from our parish.

The Sacred Heart Council is also donating funds to the Ottawa-North Kent Blue Star Mothers of America MI-194. This group is trying to purchase wreaths for every veteran’s grave at the Grand Rapids Home Veterans cemetery by this Christmas. If you would like to donate to this cause, please see the attached donation form. Every little bit gets us closer to honoring all the veterans laid to rest in this cemetery.

On Saturday, December 18th the Blue Start Mothers laid over 4200 wreaths on grave at theĀ Grand Rapids Home Veterans cemetery. Check out the news story about this great initiative.