Saluting Fathers

In this time of crisis, with religious faith and family life under attack, faithful Catholic men are needed to heed Jesus’ call to do His work. Men are called to act as strong leaders, showing their family the importance of living their religion. The Sacred Heart Knights of Columbus would like to thank all the dads in our parish for everything they do. We’d like to extend a warm welcome to all fathers who might consider joining our brotherhood. As a Knight of Columbus you serve the parish and our academy in many ways and are a visible example to your children and others in the parish that men play a critical and dynamic role in the faith of their families and of the parish community. Happy Father’s Day!

Proud to Support Our Seminarians

On Saturday, June 2nd, 2018 Michael Steffes was ordained at the Cathedral. Our council was proud to support Michael Steffes in 2015 through our Funding a Future Father seminarian program. Check out a video Michael made for us back in 2015. The Sacred Heart Knights are proud to have supported the following priests through our seminarian support program over our fourteen years of our council; Rev. Aaron R. Ferris – Ordained 2009,  Rev. William R. Vander Werff – Ordained 2015, Rev. Daniel Schumaker – Ordained 2016,  Michael Steffes – Ordained 2018. We have recently been supporting seminarian Michael Goodwin who was ordained a deacon earlier this year.